These eight documentaries explore issues concerning the environment, ecosystem and our societal role in it all. You can watch most of them online. I’d love to have your opinion afterwards!

No Impact Man: The Documentary
This documentary can be accessed through Netflix Instant for a pretty reasonable price and is really worth watching. The documentary follows a New York family as husband and writer Colin Beavan leads his wife, Michelle Conlin, and their baby daughter on a mission to generate no trash and make no impact on the environment for an entire year of living. As a profound commentary on the amount of waste and consumption we each produce each year, this film is a must-see for the environmentally conscious and the socially aware.

Food, Inc.
As one of the most well-known documentaries on this list, Food, Inc. may need no introduction. But, for those who have not seen this documentary, it is imperative. Also, available on Netflix, Food, Inc. explores the food industry and the detrimental effects the food we consume is having on our bodies and out environment.

Nominated for an Oscar in 2011, Gasland is available on Amazon Instant video streaming (which is similar to Netflix). This documentary exposes devastating water pollution that has occurred as a result of hydraulic fracturing. This process takes place in a search for oil and gas. The documentary is moving and infuriating - a necessity for the environmentally involved.

This film, also available on Netflix Instant, expounds the damage the bottled water craze has wrecked on our health and our environment. Taking a look at the waste and destruction caused by the bottled water industry, filmmakers explore the viewpoints of environmentalists, community leaders, and activists. This film will make you reconsider exactly why we ever thought it made sense to buy a resource essential to our global survival in a plastic bottle that end up polluting our oceans and lives.

Dirt! The Movie
As a movie all about dirt, this one may not catch your eye right off the bat - but, give it a chance. Available on Netflix Instant, Dirt explores the role dirt plays in our world and in our lives as a global society. The film is surprisingly entertaining and endlessly poignant. A topic some passionately green individuals may know little about, this documentary explores the unsettling consequences of neglecting dirt as an essential resource.

The Cove
Taking a look at environmentalism from a different perspective, this film explores the disturbingly heart breaking crimes taking place against dolphins in Japan. Though gruesome and deeply saddening, this documentary explores the importance of human activism against mistreating nature. Examining the role that dolphins play in our ecological wellbeing as a global community, The Cove inspires anyone who watches it to take a stand for something they believe in.

Filmmaker Yann Arthus-Bertrand makes a point that this film should be free and accessible to all at all times. Watch this moving and awe-inspiring film on YouTube and explore the concept that “all of Earth’s problems are interlinked”. With beautiful aerial footage of various places around Earth, Home depicts the diversity of life on Earth and illuminates how humanity and our modern society threatens the ecological balance of the planet. The documentary looks to expose the “awful truths” of our impact on the Earth and hopes to encourage watchers to change it.

Future of Food
George Alagiah travels the world to reveal a growing global food crisis that could affect the planet in the years ahead. With food riots on three continents recently, and unprecedented competition for food due to population growth and changing diets, the series alerts viewers to a looming problem and looks for solutions. A documentary series of 3 episodes from BBC Two.

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