The Association for the Protection and Welfare of Wildlife, ANIMA, is a non-governmental organization that was founded in 2005. The initial founding members consist of individuals with lengthy and unique experience in the protection of the natural environment and the caring for wild animals, as they have worked for many years in similar centers in our country. The team is staffed by old and new collaborators, vets, environmentalists, foresters, legal advisers, specialists in various related fields and executives specialized in the administration of NGOs.

The initial need which led to the foundation of the Association is the upgrading and modernization of the welfare and release of wild animals, according to international development and more particularly the needs of our country. Moreover, ANIMA has extended its action to wildlife protection and to informing the general public, entering dynamically the field of environmental education and cooperating with other environmental NGO's.

Our belief is that the biggest problem that the wildlife of our planet faces, is the constant loss of vital space from the expansion of human activities and that the vital space that biodiversity needs in order to stop reducing should be the limit of our development.

ANIMA will soon operate its new center (animal hospital and information center) which will be located in Lagonisi, in the outskirts of Athens.

Please visit our website to keep updated about the new arrivals in our station and read news about wildlife from all over the world. If you want to help ANIMA, you can become a member or a volunteer, or virtually adopt one of the animals that we host in our station.προφιλ-2/who-we-are-the-id-of-anima