Organization Earth is a newly-established Greek not-for-profit NGO set up to provide answers to modern social concerns about society and the environment. The organization’s first seed was ‘planted’ at the end of 2008 and members retained an undiminished level of interest until the organization was officially established in January 2010 with its headquarters at 67 Dimokratias Ave. in the Municipality of Ilion, on the Pirgos Vasilissis Estate. Its 40 members come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds covering almost all fields needed to implement this specific action.

In trying to implement the organization’s vision, one immediate strategic aim was to develop new environmental infrastructure in Attica, which has been in use since the Autumn of 2011. The aim is to disseminate Environmental Social Intelligence (ESI), in other words to inform, educate and raise awareness in society about modern problems facing the environment and the ways that people can contribute to safeguarding the environment through their day-to-day activities and practices, and thereby ensure better living standards and social development. The infrastructure required for this goes by the name of the Earth Center, and it is the starting point for allOrganization Earth’s activities.

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