I'm back with some excellent resources and initiatives directly related to the ongoing discussions for the UN post-2015 development agenda and particularly the goals that promote sustainable community development.


Sustainable Development Solutions Network
Communitas Coalition for Sustainable Cities and Regions
PANDO | Sustainable Communities (collaboration network for researchers and practitioners)
ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability
UN Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform
International Institute for Sustainable Development
Let the environment guide our development (TEDGlobal 2010, Johan Rockstrom)*
Let's crowdsource the world's goals (TEDGlobal 2012, Jamie Drummond)

* There are so many more TED talks and other lectures or videos on this vast issue... I aspire to gather more and more links in the near future in this blog.

International Institute for Sustainable Development

If you have more links that contribute to the discussion and spreading of knowledge and ideas, please add them in the comments section below. Thanks!

PS. SD=Sustainable development. SCD=Sustainable Community Development. SDGs=Sustainable Development Goals (see also: post-2015 development agenda of the UN)