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Hello! Welcome to my website! (ici en français)

I’m a lifelong learner, open-minded and passionate about creating regenerative and sustainable societies that are (again) one with Earth!

My area of research and practice is the interdisciplinary field of holistic, regenerative, and sustainable community development.

My PhD focused on sustainable communities: I developed an integrated framework to help communities achieve their sustainability goals through systemic, transformative, and long-term change. The book I co-authored on this topic, Toward Sustainable Communities, 5th edition, has just been launched! Watch a 1-min teaser here!

I am passionate about experiential learning that embeds whole-systems and equitable sustainability in higher, post-secondary education. I have taught for SFU’s Sustainable Development Program and, as SFU Sustainability‘s Manager, Regenerative Systems Education, I facilitated the co-curricular program Climate Action Student Collaborative, led community-wide consultations, and designed learning opportunities for the university community on sustainability, climate action, and climate justice.

I have experience in applied social research, community engagement and consultations, and community partnerships and projects for sustainability and climate action, and I’m familiar with the working processes of the European Union thanks to my studies and work in France, Greece, and Belgium. 

I grew up on the small island of Kea in the Aegean Sea (Greece) and I’m fluent in English, French, and Greek, and can communicate in Italian. In my free time, I enjoy whodunnits, jigsaw puzzles, and various arts and crafts, as well as connecting with nature and friends while walking or over a good meal.

In this page, see select projects and career milestones, and here you’ll find a wealth of educational resources for sustainability.

Contact me for collaborations and to request my full CV.

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