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Educational Resources for Regenerative Systems

In this page you can find a collection of resources for learning and teaching (L&T) on the development of regenerative and sustainable systems within ourselves and in our communities.

I am curating this list with attention to principles such as: respect, equity, diversity, and inclusion; reconciliation and decolonizing practices; accessibility; transparency; reliability; timeliness; and systemic and regenerative thinking.

Sustainability L&T

  • Wiki with a wealth of educational resources for sustainability and exemplary initiatives; built by myself and my research assistant Sooji Choe
  • Climate Kind Pedagogy framework, by Dr. Kshamta Hunter, UBC
  • The SDGs-in-the-Classroom Toolkit, by York University
  • “Teach the SDGs” global movement – resources
  • Teaching sustainability: tips and resources, by Vanderbilt University

Sustainability competences

Decolonizing your L&T and curriculum

Taking action & building (individual and collective) resilience

  • The Inner Development Goals, a non-profit initiative (and framework) that is fundamental in the work to reach the Sustainable Development Goals
  • My Sustainable Living Challenge, an online gamified learning platform, by the UN System Staff College and the UN Environment Programme

Experiential / Interactive learning ideas

Media resources


Human Influence, by PICS Canada (2014)
Factfulness by Hans Rosling, Animated Review and Summary (2022)
The IPCC Report 2022 on Climate Change, 5-min summary by Let’s Talk Climate (2022)
How to Fight Climate Anxiety, by Our Changing Climate (2022)
Intro to Systems Thinking
Lifestyle change and system change are two sides of the same coin – UNEP Emissions Gap report, by Climate Outreach (2021)
How We REALLY Stop Fast Fashion, by Our Changing Climate (2022)

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