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Educational Resources for Regenerative Systems

In this page you can find a collection of resources for learning and teaching (L&T) on the development of regenerative and sustainable systems within ourselves and in our communities.

I am curating this list with attention to principles such as: respect, equity, diversity, and inclusion; reconciliation and decolonizing practices; accessibility; transparency; reliability; timeliness; and systemic and regenerative thinking.

Sustainability L&T

Sustainability competences

Decolonizing your L&T and curriculum

  • Indigenous Storywork – resources
  • Lessons of Our Land, an innovative Pre-K to 12 curriculum
  • Sustainability Without Race?: Disrupting Whiteness at the Introductory Level, a 2021 essay by Delia Byrnes and Brittany Y. Davis

Taking action & building (individual and collective) resilience

  • The Inner Development Goals, a non-profit initiative (and framework) that is fundamental in the work to reach the Sustainable Development Goals

Experiential / Interactive learning ideas

  • Online databases and map tools, such as
    • World Population (with several overlay maps):

Media resources


Human Influence, by PICS Canada (2014)
Factfulness by Hans Rosling, Animated Review and Summary (2022)
The IPCC Report 2022 on Climate Change, 5-min summary by Let’s Talk Climate (2022)
How to Fight Climate Anxiety, by Our Changing Climate (2022)
Lifestyle change and system change are two sides of the same coin – UNEP Emissions Gap report, by Climate Outreach (2021)
How We REALLY Stop Fast Fashion, by Our Changing Climate (2022)

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