[New publication] “Theories and concepts influencing sustainable community development: introducing the concept of community productivity”

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By Maria Spiliotopoulou and Mark Roseland

Chapter 20 of the Research Handbook on Community Development, edited by Rhonda Phillips, Eric Trevan and Patsy Kraeger, and published in 2020 by Edward Elgar Publishing.

Full text of our chapter is available online here.

This timely Research Handbook offers new ways in which to navigate the diverse terrain of community development research. Chapters unpack the foundations and history of community development research and also look to its future, exploring innovative frameworks for conceptualizing community development. Comprehensive and unequivocally progressive, this is key reading for social and public policy researchers in need of an understanding of the current trends in community development research, as well as practitioners and policymakers working on urban, rural and regional development.

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