Regeneration: Bringing the World back to Life

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Repost from Wonderground Press.

Written on Sept 8, 2022 by Claire O’Rourke. Images by Daniel Shipp.

Regeneration might sound like just another buzzword, but it’s fast becoming much more than a shiny new label to replace sustainability; it’s an approach that is increasingly being taken up by business leaders, industries and communities around the world.

Paul Hawken defined regeneration as ‘putting life at the centre of every action and decision’. ‘If putting the future of life at the heart of everything we do is not central to our purpose and destiny, why are we here?’ he asked.

‘Regeneration is not only about bringing the world back to life; it is about bringing each of us back to life. It has meaning and scope; it expresses faith and kindness; it involves imagination and creativity. It is inclusive, engaging and generous. And everyone can do it.’

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